The Most Common Cruise Myths BUSTED!  


Will I be bored? 

Yes, maybe you will be bored if you don’t like exploring new destinations every day, soaring down 10 storey slides, zip lining across the ship, learning to surf at sea, ice skating on board, Rock Climbing, Go-Karting onboard,  treating yourself at the spa, taking a class in a new hobby or fitness session, checking out the multiple dining options that usually open approx. 20hrs per day, hitting the casino, going to see a live band or Broadway style show,  watching a movie under the stars on deck, having a go on a flight or Formula 1 simulator or just relaxing by the pool with an ice cold drink then yes I think you most certainly will be bored on a cruise.


Newly Weds & Nearly Dead!!

So you’ve heard the above saying whenever you mention the word Cruise Holiday and years ago maybe it was true. Cruise Holidays were predominantly booked by Honeymooners & Older clientele but oh how things have changed. There is a ship for EVERYONE, cruises are truly multi-generational. From New Born to 90 you’ll find the perfect ship to suit everyone. The beauty of Cruise Holidays is that you can do as much or as little as you want. So, if you like lots or activities with loads of entertainment and non-stop action then definitely look at the bigger ships that are like floating resorts, here you’ll find lots of families, couples and single passengers. If you prefer something a little quieter and prefer to take in more unique destinations then a smaller ship will probably suit you better and if you long for a holiday with NO KIDS then you can go on an Adults Only cruise. The one thing you can be sure of no matter what ship you choose is the most fantastic holiday. See, like I said something to keep everyone happy from New Born to Newly Weds & Nearly Dead.


Will Dinner be very formal & Strict?

Errrrrm NO! Well not if you don’t want it to be. It totally depends on the cruise line you choose to sail with. Most cruise lines offer multiple dining times in the Main Dining Room (This is the formal restaurant on a ship) So you can choose a set time to have your evening meal every night or a lot of cruise lines offer either MyTime Dining or Freestyle cruising which means you can choose what time you have dinner at. Remember this is just the Main dining room, you can always dine in the buffet restaurant, your stateroom or one of the speciality restaurants.


Do I have to Sit with Strangers Every Night for Dinner? 

Again the answer to this is No. So here is the low down on table sharing. This only applies to the main dining room, once again you have several other dining options on most vessels.

On most cruise ships they will offer 2 set dining times in the main dining room. Usually around 5:30/6pm and then 8:30/9pm. You will also be offered a choice of table size: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Small, Medium or Large. If you would like to just dine with your own travelling companion you can choose a table for 2 although this is not guaranteed (if it’s not allocated to you, you can speak with the Maitre D’ and they may be able to change your table) Your table location and dining companions will remain the same for the entire cruise. If you are travelling with a large party once all your cabins are cross referenced you will usually be allocated a table for your entire party. Several cruise lines now offer a “My Time” or “Freestyle” dinning option this means you have no set dining time or set table. You can arrive at the main dining room any time between 5:30 and 9:30 and you will be seated within 15 minutes, again you can request a table for 2 and wait till one is available or you can be seated with other guests, with my time dining your table location and dining companions will change nightly  Although to some people sharing a table with strangers sounds like a terrible experience it is actually a wonderful way to meet new people and get to know your fellow cruisers.


How Do I pay On Board?

Every cruise ship is cashless! On embarkation you will be given a key card, this is similar in size to a debit card. This is your cabin key and also your form of payment whilst on board, so in the bar, in the onboard shops or in fact anything you purchase on board you simply swipe your card and the amount is added to your onboard account. You can check your account details on the TV in your stateroom.

You can add your credit/debit card to your account for the payment to be taken at the end of your cruise or your can lodge cash with the pursers office and top it up as you go through the cruise.


What are On Board Gratuities/Tips & How do I pay them?

All cruise lines charge on-board gratuities, They are tips that are added to all your purchases onboard and then shared out to the staff. They are charged per person per day. They vary from cruise line to cruise line but they are generally somewhere between $10pp per day & $15pp per day. These can be pre-paid before you travel so you don’t have to worry about them or you can pay them onboard. Ultra Luxury cruise lines usually included gratuities in the cost of the cruise.


Phone/Internet Access at Sea?

All Cruise lines offer internet packages where you can buy minutes, they also offer internet cafes and some offer computer lessons! Your phone will obviously work whilst in port.


Will I be Sea Sick? 

This is probably one of the most common questions that people ask. Because modern cruise ships are so well stabilized it’s usually hard to tell you’re even moving! The beauty of a cruise holiday is that the Ships’ Captain can avoid bad weather areas to ensure smoother sailing. Certain areas of the world are known to be calmer, the Caribbean, The Adriatic and of course River Cruising. But should you be feeling unwell every cruise ship has a full medical suite with doctor available for medication.


Can I Smoke On Board?

Yes every cruise ship has designated smoking areas. Usually one side of the pool deck is the smoking area and a lot of cruise ships allow you to smoke in the casino. A word of caution there is VIRTUALLY NO CRUISE LINE WILL ALLOW YOU TO SMOKE ON YOUR BALCONY.


Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol?

This varies by cruise line and also by geographical location, for example in the Caribbean the age is 21yrs and in the Med the age is 18yrs. Please double check this with your cruise agent before you book as you really don’t want to get to the Caribbean only to have 19 or 20yr olds unhappy about being unable to have a drink.


Is Cruising a good choice for Solo Travellers?

A resounding YES! Lots of the cruise lines offer specific single cabins which have no supplements so this can work out at great value for solo travellers. They also offer lounge areas for the sole use of their solo travellers. Most cruise lines will offer solo travellers the option to dine together at the same table and they offer single mixers. This is a fantastic way to get to know other solo travellers.