Useful Links

Passport Renewal :

Almost ALL Cruise Lines insist that your passport is valid for 6 months after your return date of Travel. Please Check Below for the Passport Online Renewal Link:

On a side note to Passports, Did you know that if you are travelling to South Africa with Children you need to bring each child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE along with their passport.


Visa Information:

Did you Know that even though you are cruising you will still require a visa to enter any country that has a visa policy. Whilst Canada, The USA and Australia are very easy and usually quick to get places like Russia & India where you MUST have a visa before you can disembark the ship are a lot more complex & time consuming.

Please Check the Visa Requirements For All of your Ports Of Call


Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is absolutely vital for your cruise holiday. Not only can you get insurance for a missed departure due to weather but it can also save you thousands if you need to be air lifted from the ship or even treated on-board by the doctor. There are numerous Insurance Providers on the Market but I like the Blue Insurance Cruise Policy.